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Edinburgh Forecast
The year of 2016 signals the 25th Anniversary of the (XMRC) Ex-Military Rehabilitation Centre's inception in 1991 as an initiative of the Aldgate RSL.

To celebrate the Event, there will be a BBQ at the Aldgate RSL, commencing at 11.00 am on Sunday, the 4th of December. 

The main formal celebration will be held at the XMRC at midday on Tuesday, the 13th of December combining the 25th Anniversary Celebration and the Annual Christmas Party.

A further 25th Anniversary BBQ will be held at the Bush Camp. Date and time to be announced.
Ex-Military Rehabilitation Centre
25th Anniversary 1991 - 2016
The Aldgate Corroboree
The Aldgate Corroboree is now an annual event being held this year at the Aldgate RSL on Sunday 27th November. The Corroboree brings together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people for a shared experience of cultural practice and exchange through dance, music and fellowship. This contributes to increased recognition of the Aboriginal cultural significance of the area and builds reconciliation in the community.

Welcome to country at 10am by Isobelle Campbell followed by traditional dance, traditional cooking, crafts, jewelry making and face painting. Lunch and soft drinks from 12.30.The event will conclude at 5pm with 'last post' and and 'the silence' to honour our Aboriginal service men and women.

Last year the ceremony was held to commemorate the centenary of a great event where many Corroborees were held a century ago, one of them on the site where the Aldgate RSL now stands.

In attendance were Aldgate RSL members including three of our aboriginal brothers, A Vietnam Vet, the son of a Vietnam Vet and a recently discharged younger warrior.
Aldgate RSL is situated in Kemp Rd Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills.
Men’s Health Week
The XMRC is holding a Vegetable Garden Planting activity as part of the DVA Men’s Health Week.

The activity will be held at the Peter Badcoe VC Complex, XMRC building 186, Cnr East Avenue and Contractors Road, Edinburgh Parks, South Australia. On the 24th October 2017 from 1030 hrs to 1330 hrs.

All are welcome to come and participate.