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On Wednesday 23rd September 2020, a major fire in our factory building at Edinburgh has disrupted some of the regular services and projects at the centre.

The fire has destroyed the Joinery shop which is approx one sixth of the building and has caused further damage to the offices in the admin area and minimal damage to day rooms, dining and kitchen areas.

The initial building inspection revealed possible structural damage which would require walls to be braced and as a consequence the facility was fenced off until safety requirements are met.

An update received today (15/12/20) from Defence Estates confirmed that no activity will take place until the building is made safe so that their insurers can do an assesment. The insurers are also waiting for the Fire investigation report. When the building is made safe the debris will need to be cleared after which engineers reports can be submitted and Defence and XMRC insurers can complete their assessments.
Fortunately some years ago we had two unused buildings adjacent to our compound put on our lease with a future plan to set up an integration centre for younger Veterans.
Defence Estates have agreed to allow access to them and have removed the fence and have had Electricians begin safety checks and maintenance and have their builders doing an update report and asbestos check.
One building is a series of offices and lecture rooms the other will be converted to a workshop as a temporary measure. We should be able to get back to core business early in the new year.
Welfare,health referrals and assistance for Veterans in the Justice system have not been compromised by the fire in the factory.