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The Department of Veterans affair have released funding for a 12 month study into ex ADF personnel in corrective services systems. This research follows on from a study conducted by Adelaide and Flinders university which received assistance from XMRC and some of it’s clients. We have actively lobbied State and Federal government for some years with external support from Veterans Advisory Council , RAR assoc, the Hub and others in the ex service community. We are hoping that the research will bring further changes and renew focus on the need for PTSD treatment to be made available to those in custody suffering the effects of their service and obviously the impact of incarceration.
We have been fortunate to have seen small steps in SA where the prison intake form now has a check box to signify service in the ADF, completion of a date collection project to identify prisoners who have served, group meetings at Mobilong prison and recently a pilot programme for post release planning.
The research team is headed by associate Professor Ben Wadham and the research group is represented by members from NSW, QLD and SA.
The experience of Aldgate RSL working with offenders on our Community Service supervision programme in the early 1990’s and advocacy work in the courts and prison system for Veterans, Ex ADF and community members and their families was continued when Aldgate RSL formally incorporated the XMRC in 2003 and maintained the advocacy work with Veterans in the Justice system.
The many years of work in the field and the lobbying of State and Federal governments for change has been recognised and I am pleased to have been invited to be part of the research team.
If you are a Veteran or know of a Veteran who has experienced incarceration in the last couple of years please get in touch as your information and experience may be invaluable in assisting the programme.
If willing, please ring Ian (patch) Campbell on 0427160993 or email ex-military@bigpond.com
Alternatively you can locate Prof Wadham ..details on the attached support flyer.