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I regret to inform Aldgate RSL, XMRC and Peter Badcoe V.C. Complex members of the passing of our mate “Wheelbarrow” a.k.a. Greg Sotnikov (served 1 R.A.R. Vietnam). I am advised by family that there will be a graveside service at the Murray Pines Lawn Cemetery, Deakin Avenue, Mildura South on Friday November 24 at 1400 hrs.
The above photo was taken at Government house when the Governor Sir Eric Neale cancelled some appointments to “have a beer with the boys” after signing the freehold titles for our bush camp towns.(Wheelbarrow, Governor’s assistant, the Guv and foundation member Gary MacRae).

Wheelbarrow was part of the ‘Old guard’ with the projects and could be found rescuing breakdowns in the bush, hosting the rock and roll show at his place, loading and unloading the town truck, assisting at the demo jobs and many other tasks. He was also very handy at policy meetings with bureaucrats, a minister, deputy commish and DVA folk. His size, no nonsense common sense approaches, truck driver/digger logic made them take notice. His trademark mullet was a great help to the cause.(missing in the photo with the ‘Guv’)
He will always be remembered and even though he hated ‘Nashos’ I tend to think he liked some of us a bit.

Ian Campbell, CEO XMRC inc.

The photo below is of a Rock and Roll show at Wanbi with a few of Wheelbarrow’s mates (Warning photo contains image of a man with Aboriginal heritage)