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Fancy your self as an artist or have you wanted to try something different but never had the time or opportunity? Maybe you’d like to learn how to or teach others computer use? Is metal fabrication your thing? How about wood carving or building that coffee table you’ve always wanted. No matter what your interests, we have it covered. There are like minded friendly people happy to share their knowledge and skills from beginner to skilled artisans. Maybe you’d just like helping out in the kitchen or cooking snags at our fund raising Bunning BBQ’s? Get on board and give it a go.


Our Canteen is able to seat 100 people in the dining room and a couple of dozen under the gazebo. Our busiest days Tuesday and Thursday a full meal is provided with dessert . Morning tea is also available . Other weekdays lunch varies and may be cold meat and salad rolls or BBQ. The catering staff are also regularly to be seen fundraising at the local Bunnings store and often provide catering for local council events and assisting various ex service organizations with their fundraising.


The engineers are well equipped with welders, grinders, compressors, power and hand tools and have over the years built trailers, renovated fire trucks, assisted with car and motorcycle repairs and helped greatly with fundraising through the very busy recycling programme. Members and visitors after induction through our WHS (workplace health and safety) program are welcome to use the facility for projects.


Jodie Willman, an Artist and Veteran, has kindly allowed herself to be talked into running a woodcarving workshop. The workshop is open to anybody who wants to learn the art of woodcarving, lessons are available on Thursdays. The workshop is open whenever the centre is open.


Our computer section provides a small fee service for hardware and software repairs, recycles computer and electronic wares, provides maintenance of the centre’s network of administration and training computers and provides easy to learn lessons for novice users and luddites. Over the years we have provided many refurbished computers to disadvantaged people, a youth group, and broke diggers.


The gardeners maintain the grounds at the centre which has a large succulent and native garden at the front of the facility and garden beds in the gazebo area. A recent health week project funded by the DVA has seen the emergence of a kitchen garden with herbs veggies and salad favourites. Off site our work team often responds to requests to do yard cleanups and garden tidy for disabled veterans.


The woodworkers are well equipped with power and hand tools and have over the years created some amazing projects (Cubby Houses, Outdoor Settings), which has helped greatly with fundraising, and have a very busy recycling programme. Members and visitors after induction through our WHS (workplace health and safety) program are welcome to use the facility for projects.


The centre has a craft area set aside for the budding Renoirs and Van Gogh’s with easles, canvas and brushes available and very useful assistance from some of the centre’s own artists. The Helping Hand boys assist with the painting of toys and other products manufactured in the woodworking shop. It is hopeful in 2018 that our ceramic and pottery kilns can be set up again. Ceramic and pottery classes were very popular at the first Badcoe V.C. complex at Hampstead rehab campus.


Since our inception back in 1991, we’ve provided transport to Vets and the wider community with a “fleet” of vehicles that were old hand me downs from members and friends. Our crew kept them going on a shoestring budget over the years, but we had to move with the times and update with modern, reliable vehicles to enable us to continue our mission of “Serving Veterans and the Local Community” well into the future.